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Protect your workers’ lives while preserving your reputation and integrity

HRGUARD 01 - | SafeGuard AI

The Otoos platform is designed to
ensure its customers full compliance
with the law, instilling a culture of
safety into everyday practice.

The Otoos compliance control engines consist of three main components:

  • Compliance definition, where the required regulation is defined within a recertification schedule
  • A scheduling engine to assure continuity
  • A deviation engine that triggers alerts and deviation reports which are connected to the SLINGTM

The compliance control core functions which are enabled in the platform, are not specific to any country or state’s particular regulations. The HR Compliance, Toolbox Assurance Engine and Behavior Management functions are powered by unified worker record capabilities.

  • NYC Compliance Matrix

HR Compliance

An HR compliance control plan is the interconnection between a trade and its compliance requirements as dictated by the regulatory authorities. The HR compliance engine allows robust flexibility to match any type of regulation matrix.

  • Set your toolbox program. Start by scheduling and assigning responsibility
  • Data-driven topic prioritization engine
  • Select the participants and assure their acceptance
  • Record the data on each workers record

Toolbox Assurance Engine

Toolbox talks are a very effective tool, but only if used appropriately. The topics must be relevant, and the implementation frequent.

We provide a simple yet powerful engine to schedule and enforce toolbox talk implementation at the sub-contractor level and use algorithms to recommend the most appropriate topics for your daily toolbox talk.

  • Record the data on each worker's record

Behavior Management

At Otoos we believe that the motivation to work safely comes directly from the leadership and the establishment of a companywide safety culture. As a team leader, making safety a priority will help those around you to also prioritize safety.

Our Carrot and Stick module allows you to track your workers’ safety violations and can be effectively used to motivate workers’ safe behavior.

The data is recorded on each worker’s unified record and can be seen when you move on to subsequent projects.

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