SLING™ - SafeGuard AI


Introducing SLING: Quantifying Safety for a Safer Tomorrow


Graphic visualization of the SLING™ report

With the success of our Safeguard AI platform, we’ve already revolutionized safety management in the construction sector. Yet, our vision extends beyond mere disruption. We believe that to truly enhance safety, we must measure it in real-time. Because when safety becomes quantifiable, it becomes improvable. With this ambition, we proudly present: SLING – the Safety Leading Indicator Grade.

What Makes SLING Unique?

  • Predictive Scoring: SLING™ is more than a reflective score. It proactively alerts construction firms about their current safety status, recommending timely actions based on any deviations
  • Standardization: Turning the subjective realm of safety into an objective score, SLING™ offers a dynamic counterpart to traditional loss ratios

Profit Center

With SLING™, organizations gain the advantage of addressing their loss ratios in a smarter, more effective manner. Transform your safety measures from a mere compliance checkbox to a strategic profit center. With Safeguard AI at the forefront, we invite you to be a part of the future of safety management in construction and beyond.

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