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We offer Embedded AI, Ml and IoT technologies to enhance safety data fusion and maximize incident prevention capabilities

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Prevention is at the heart of Otoos’s
R&D agenda. The HRSense
core technologies incorporate
the implementation of a ‘physical’
layer of proactive prevention.

This protective layer is deployed when the HRSense technology detects deviations from normal behavior which increases the probability of an accident occurring.

This technology uses an interface between end sensors and cameras that decipher risk scenarios and issue alerts to proactively prevent risk and accidents. The Otoos approach is based on three layers of protection: 

  • Access Control 
  • Real-time Tracking 
  • Behavior Surveillance

Access Control

The Otoos Smart Gate technology ensures the control and comprehensive monitoring of the workforce at construction sites. It reduces potential risks by making sure that only authorized workers with the right qualifications enter each site. Unified workers’ records are synchronized between sites – each worker can check-in quickly to each site and when needed, workers can be blocked from entering all sites.

Our real-time productivity enhancement engine ensures attendance data is tracked through multiple parameters:

  • Operating in real time, the gates send the headcount of all sites to
    headquarters simultaneously.
  • Automatic updates of daily work logs.
  • Monitoring of working hours which is directly tied to the payroll system.  The ability to review the subcontractor's workers by trade and hours of
  • Proprietary face recognition algorithm
  • Reliable source of software and hardware
  • Double Key Encryption support face recognition and access card combinations. Fully integrated with NYC SST card program
  • Real time research and analytics engine
  • Advance feature sets: For mega sites: Multi gates unified access ID, Offline mode, Advance encryption for sensitive facilities

Loss Prevention 

The smart gate system provides real-time attendance data, which combined with incident reporting capabilities, provides safety management with the ability to measure lagging indicators in real time – meaning the TRIR (Total recordable incident rate).

Real-Time Tracking  

The second layer of protection allows for the monitoring of your workforce at the worksite. It controls in real time, the location of workers, defines dangerous zones (‘red’ zones), and issues real-time proactive alerts about potential on-site risk and or accidents.

Behavior Surveillance 

The final layer of safety provides perimeter protection for different circumstances that can be monitored visually, ensuring a safe working environment and enforcement of safe behavior among workers.

Target Scenarios 

  • Personal protective equipment – helmets and harnesses.
  • Unsafe behavior – connection to a hotline; proximity to unprotected zones; unprotected soldering work; work in proximity to electrical installations without safety gear and procedures.
  • Work environment – scaffolding and handrails in good condition; good site organization
    and more.
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