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SST Connect

The NYC DOB SST card program is one of the world’s most advanced safety programs. The unified construction worker ID now works seamlessly with the Otoos platform

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How does it work?

Otoos researched the NYC DOB SST program, including its training, CEU and credit system. The Otoos platform has developed a compliance control program to meet the SST requirements including integration with the physical SST cards through the NFC interface.

  • Complete compatibility with NYC DOB requirements
  • Seamless integration with the Otoos HRGuard technology
  • Supports all SST card types

Technical Details

Access Control

SST cards can be used as access keys to Otoos’ access control solutions

Minimal data entry

Training data is uploaded automatically through the NFC interface

Real-time updates

Each time the SST card interfaces with Otoos , the worker record is updated

I value the SST program for recognizing the importance of proper training in promoting a culture of safety throughout the industry.

The Otoos Team
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